Pepper, Piper nigrum

Pepper is a strong spice that comes in many different varieties of pepper from entirely different plants.

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Black pepper, white pepper and green pepper

Pepper comes from the pepper plant (Piper nigrum), while pimento, pink pepper and Sichuan pepper from trees that are completely unrelated to each other and with the pepper plant. Pepper, also known as chili pepper, comes from plants that are related to tomatoes and potatoes. Mild varieties of the same plant known as sweet peppers.


Pepper has been a commodity since the 1500s when the nutmeg was the most sought-after commodity.

The Spanish pepper spread to China in the 1600s and did not occur in Europe or Asia in the past. Even today known as a rich person for ”pepper sacks” on both the Dutch and Danish. A kid was kind of pepper costly, but he did not buy småkvantum, he bought a whole bag.

Ciliate Pepper

Chili Peppers (”chili”) is both a group within the species Capsicum (Capsicum annuum), and a general term for species and varieties in the genus Capsicum (Capsicum) and in particular with reference to its fruits. The fruits are used in cooking whole or in part, fresh, dried or smoked (chipotle), such as chili con carne (chili with meat). From the species in this genus, many strong-tasting spices such as pepper, habanero and tabasco.

Capsaicin scoville units

Chili fruit contains capsaicin, which makes them taste strong. The heat is measured in scoville units. Paprika ranges between 0 and 100 degrees scoville units, jalapeno in 2500-5000 and pure capsaicin is 16 million. The hottest chilli is the Naga Jolokia, which has been measured at 1,041,427 scoville units degrees. The largest amounts of capsaicin are primarily found in the fruit fröfäste and between the walls. It is often easy to reduce the strength by cutting out these pieces of fruit. Suitable for regular chili progressively increased tolerance for its strength.

The name pepper comes from that it was the Spaniards who ruled over the areas in America where the chilli comes from. Chili pepper is not related to ordinary pepper (Piper nigrum). Archaeological finds show that chilli cultivated for at least 8000 years. The largest producing countries (2005) U.S. and Chile.

Capsicum is also used as liniments devil conditioner and capsika gel.

The most common species of chili

Bärpeppar C. baccatum, the collective name for several varieties of the species is Aji. They are most common in Peru.
Havana Pepper C. chinense such as habanero, which is a very strong chili. C. chinense are common in the Caribbean and Mexico
Hot pepper C. annuum eg jalapeno and regular paprika.
Hot pepper (multi) Capsicum frutescens Tabasco tex and the Brazilian Malagueta.
Pubescens Rokotopeppar dyes such Manzano and canario.

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